Museum Passes Policy

    *As of June 2021 the library currently does not have access to any museum passes other than the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the EcoTarium, Boston Museum of Science, and Roger Williams Zoo. Please call the library for more information on the rules to these passes.*

    1. Patron must meet all requirements to borrow passes: 
      • Patron must have a valid library card, with no overdue items out on account nor unpaid charges of $5.00 or greater.
      • Patron must be 18 yrs of age or older to sign for pass. 
    2. Only Lincoln residents or members of the Friends of Lincoln Public Library may reserve a pass in advance. 
    3. No more than one reservation at a time will be accepted from any family.
    4. Out of town borrowers may, on the day of their intended visit, borrow any pass which is not already on reserve. 
    5. Passes may be checked out the day of the intended visit or after 4:00 PM on the closest business day immediately preceding the scheduled visit if available (please call to verify)
    6. Reservation on pass is forfeited if not picked up by 11:00 AM.
    7. Passes MUST be returned before the library opens on the next business day immediately following the intended visit.
    8. All passes are free to borrow within the time frame stated above #5, #6 and #7.
    9. Overdue fees of five dollars ($5.00) per day will be charged for each pass which is not returned promptly. 
    10. Borrowers will be required to pay full replacement costs for passes which are lost in their possession. Replacement costs are as follows:
      Ex. Roger Williams Zoo $35.00 per pass
    11. Borrowers must observe all restrictions imposed by the  issuing institution.