New Teen Reads

    The Brink of Darkness: The Edge of Everything 2 The Brink of Darkness: The Edge of Everything 2
    By Giles, Jeff
    2018-07 - Bloomsbury UK
    9781619637559 Check Our Catalog

    "A dark, twisted thrill ride that is also a funny, warm-hearted romance . . . I adore it." --Laini Taylor, author of the New York Times bestseller Strange the Dreamer and the forthcoming Muse of Nightmares

    In this sequel to the cinematic, romantic fantasy The Edge of Everything, star-crossed X and Zoe must overcome the boundaries of their two


    Smoke and Iron                                                                                                                                        Smoke and Iron
    By Caine, Rachel
    2018-07 - Berkley Books
    9780451489210 Check Our Catalog

    To save the Great Library, the unforgettable characters from Ink and Bone, Paper and Fire, and Ash and Quill put themselves in danger in the next thrilling adventure in the New York Times bestselling series.

    The opening moves of a deadly game have begun. Jess Brightwell has put himself in direct peril, with only his wits and skill to aid him in a game of cat …More

    Spill Zone: The Broken Vow Spill Zone: The Broken Vow
    By Westerfeld, Scott
    Illustrator Puvilland, Alex
    2018-07 - First Second
    9781626721500 Check Our Catalog


    Three years ago an event destroyed the small city of Poughkeepsie, forever changing reality within its borders. Strange manifestations and lethal dangers now await anyone who enters the Spill Zone. Addison got close enough to the Spill Zone to touch it, literally. She survived the encounter, but came back changed.

    It turns out she's not alone. North Korea has its own Spill Zone, and a …More

    The Darkest Legacy The Darkest Legacy
    By Bracken, Alexandra
    2018-07 - Disney-Hyperion
    9781368023245 Check Our Catalog

    The long-awaited new novel in the New York Times best-selling Darkest Minds series, now a major motion picture.

    Five years after the destruction of the so-called rehabilitation camps that imprisoned her and countless other Psi kids, seventeen-year-old Suzume "Zu" Kimura has assumed the role of spokesperson for the interim government, fighting for the rights of Psi kids


    Hocus Pocus and the All-New Sequel Hocus Pocus and the All-New Sequel
    By Jantha, A. W.
    Illustrator Griffin, Matt
    2018-07 - Freeform
    9781368020039 Check Our Catalog

    Hocus Pocus is beloved by Halloween enthusiasts all over the world. Diving once more into the world of witches, this electrifying two-part young adult novel, released on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the 1993 film, marks a new era of Hocus Pocus. Fans will be spellbound by a fresh retelling of the original film, followed by the all-new sequel that continues the story with the next …More

    Ms. Marvel Vol. 9 Ms. Marvel Vol. 9
    By Wilson, G. Willow
    Illustrator Leon, Nico
    2018-07 - Marvel Comics
    9781302910785 Check Our Catalog

    Kamala Khan has vanished But where has she gone, and why? Jersey City still has a need for heroes, and in the wake of Ms. Marvel's disappearance, dozens have begun stepping up to the plate. The city's newest super hero Red Dagger and even ordinary citizens attempt to carry on the brave fight in Kamala's honor. Somehow, Ms. Marvel is nowhere...but also everywhere at once Absent but not forgotten, …More

    All-New Wolverine Vol. 6 All-New Wolverine Vol. 6
    By Taylor, Tom
    Illustrator Cabal, Juann
    2018-07 - Marvel Comics
    9781302911102 Check Our Catalog

    GABBY makes a shocking discovery about the past and turns to the only person she can trust to help her... DEADPOOL? Will Deadpool help with Gabby's mission of vengeance, or will he only make matters worse? And why is Jonathan the actual wolverine joining them?




    Lumberjanes Vol. 9 Lumberjanes Vol. 9
    By Watters, Shannon
    Created by Stevenson, Noelle
    Created by Ellis, Grace
    2018-07 - Boom Box
    9781608869572 Check Our Catalog

    When the Yetis are kicked out of their treehouse, it's up to the Roanokes to win their home back from the Sasquatches that took it over by beating them at roller derby.

    You just gotta learn to roll with the punches When the yetis are kicked out of their humble treehouse abode, it's up to Jo, April, Mal, Molly and Ripley to get them back where they belong amongst the trees...and not leeching …More

    Zen and Gone                                                                                                                                          Zen and Gone
    By France, Emily
    2018-07 - Soho Teen
    9781616958572 Check Our Catalog

    With another aching deep dive into human spirituality, Emily France mines her home state of Colorado in a novel of a teen girl's harrowing search for her missing younger sister--and her own search for self.

    Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, Essence McKree feels older than any seventeen-year-old she knows. Ever since weed was legalized, her mother has been working in a pot shop, high …More

    The Edge of Over There                                                                                                                                The Edge of Over There
    By Smucker, Shawn
    2018-07 - Fleming H. Revell Company
    9780800728502 Check Our Catalog

    The captivating sequel to the award-winning The Day the Angels Fell

    Before the Tree of Life, everything in Abra Miller's life had been predictable. But after the Tree and the lightning and the angels, everything felt tenuous, like holding a soap bubble in the palm of her hand. She spent years looking for signs of that other world, waiting for it to break …More

    Things Jolie Needs to Do Before She Bites It Things Jolie Needs to Do Before She Bites It
    By Winfrey, Kerry
    2018-07 - Feiwel & Friends
    9781250119544 Check Our Catalog


    Jolie's a lot of things, but she knows that pretty isn't one of them.

    She has mandibular prognathism, which is the medical term for underbite. Chewing is a pain, headaches are a common occurrence, and she's never been kissed. She's months out from having a procedure to correct her underbite, and she cannot wait to be fixed.

    Jolie becomes paralyzed with the fear that she could die …More

    Men in Tights Men in Tights
    By Banas, Danielle
    2018-07 - Swoon Reads
    9781250154354 Check Our Catalog


    As witty as it is heartpounding, this fresh take on the beloved superhero genre is all about finding your own way to shine even when it seems everyone else around you is, well... super.

    Never trust a guy in spandex.

    In Abby Hamilton's world, superheroes do more than just stop crime and save cats stuck in trees--they also drink milk straight from the carton and hog the …More

    Notes from My Captivity                                                                                                                               Notes from My Captivity
    By Parks, Kathy
    2018-07 - Katherine Tegen Books
    9780062394002 Check Our Catalog


    "Like Siberia itself, this story is wild, mysterious, full of danger--and then, quite unexpectedly, captivates you with its beauty. I was so glad I went on the adventure." --Goldy Moldavsky, New York Times bestselling author of Kill the Boy Band

    Notes from My Captivity is a sharp, sensitive, and darkly funny novel perfect for fans of …More

    I'm Not Missing I'm Not Missing
    By Fountain, Carrie
    2018-07 - Flatiron Books
    9781250132512 Check Our Catalog


    From award-winning poet Carrie Fountain comes I'm Not Missing, a debut novel set in Las Cruces, New Mexico, about a half-Latina girl stepping outside of the shadow of her best friend.

    "I savored and cherished this funny, tender, poetic novel about yearning, love, loss, ambition, and the big questions of life." --Margo Rabb, author of Kissing in America and …More

    When Life Gives You Demons When Life Gives You Demons
    By Honeybourn, Jennifer
    2018-07 - Swoon Reads
    9781250158239 Check Our Catalog


    Some people have school spirit.

    Shelby Black has real ones.

    Shelby Black has spent the past six months training to be an exorcist. Her great-uncle Roy--a Catholic priest--has put her through exorcist boot camp hell, hoping to develop her talent, but ohmygod, he still doesn't trust her to do an exorcism on her own.

    High school is …More

    Letting Go of Gravity                                                                                                                                 Letting Go of Gravity
    By Leder, Meg
    2018-07 - Simon Pulse
    9781534403161 Check Our Catalog

    Parker struggles to reconnect with her twin brother, Charlie--who's recovering from cancer--as she tries to deal with her anxiety about the future in this powerful new novel.

    Twins Parker and Charlie are polar opposites.

    Where Charlie is fearless, Parker is careful.

    Charlie is confident while Parker aims to please.

    Charlie is outgoing and outspoken; Parker is


    Scream All Night Scream All Night
    By Milman, Derek
    2018-07 - Balzer & Bray/Harperteen
    9780062665652 Check Our Catalog


    A darkly hilarious contemporary realistic young adult novel about growing up and finding your place in the world, perfect for fans of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl and Running With Scissors.

    DARIO HEYWARD KNOWS ONE THING He's never going back to Moldavia Studios, the iconic castle that served as the set, studio, and home to the cast …More

    I Am Still Alive I Am Still Alive
    By Marshall, Kate
    2018-07 - Viking Books for Young Readers
    9780425290989 Check Our Catalog

    Cheryl Strayed's Wild meets The Revenant in this heart-pounding story of survival and revenge in the unforgiving wilderness.


    Jess is alone. Her cabin has burned to the ground. She knows if she doesn't act fast, the cold will kill her before she has time to worry about food. But she is still alive--for now.


    Jess hadn't


    The Future Will Be Bs-Free The Future Will Be Bs-Free
    By McIntosh, Will
    2018-07 - Delacorte Press
    9780553534146 Check Our Catalog

    In this terrifyingly timely tale for fans of The Eye of Minds, a teen and his group of friends find themselves on the run after using a genius lie-detector contraption to expose their corrupt government.

    In a Putin-esque near-future America, the gifted and talented high school has just been eliminated, and Sam and his friends have been using their unexpected free time to work on …More

    Contagion Contagion
    By Bowman, Erin
    2018-07 - Harper Teen
    9780062574145 Check Our Catalog


    Perfect for fans of Madeleine Roux, Jonathan Maberry, and horror films like 28 Days Later and Resident Evil, this pulse-pounding, hair-raising, utterly terrifying novel is the first in a duology from the critically acclaimed author of the Taken trilogy.

    After receiving a distress call from a drill team on a distant planet, a skeleton crew is sent into …More

    Between Frost and Fury Between Frost and Fury
    By Feener, Chani Lynn
    2018-07 - Swoon Reads
    9781250123787 Check Our Catalog


    Delaney might have done her job a little TOO well...and now her life has once again been turned upside down by aliens, this time by a deadly (and devastatingly handsome) alien prince in this explosive second installment of Chani Lynn Feener's The Xenith Trilogy.

    Delaney has been kidnapped by aliens. Again. After only a month back on


    Sea Witch Sea Witch
    By Henning, Sarah
    2018-07 - Katherine Tegen Books
    9780062438775 Check Our Catalog


    Wicked meets The Little Mermaid in the captivating origin story of the sea's most iconic villainess, perfect for fans of Heartless and Dorothy Must Die.

    Ever since her best friend Anna died, Evie has been an outcast in her small fishing town. Hiding her talents, mourning her loss, drowning in her guilt.

    Then a …More

    Lovely, Dark, and Deep                                                                                                                                Lovely, Dark, and Deep
    By Chen, Justina
    2018-07 - Arthur A. Levine Books
    9781338134063 Check Our Catalog

    "A luminous read that will rekindle your faith in the indomitable human spirit." -- Matthew Quick, author of The Silver Linings Playbook"An inspiring, romantic novel full of redemption and hope." -- Mitali Perkins, author of You Bring the Distant NearWhen Viola Li returns from a trip, she develops a sudden and extreme case of photosensitivity -- an inexplicable allergy to sunlight. Thanks to her …More

    The Impossibility of Us The Impossibility of Us
    By Upperman, Katy
    2018-07 - Swoon Reads
    9781250127990 Check Our Catalog


    The last thing Elise wants is to start over in a new town. But after her brother's death in Afghanistan, she and her mother move to a sleepy coastal village to be closer to Elise's sister-in-law and niece.

    When Elise meets Mati during a beachside walk, they quickly discover how much they have in common. Mati is new to town, too. Over the course of the summer, their relationship begins to …More

    If Only If Only
    By Gilmore, Jennifer
    2018-07 - HarperCollins
    9780062393630 Check Our Catalog


    Acclaimed author Jennifer Gilmore's intimate and achingly beautiful novel deftly explores the role that chance and choice play in shaping the lives of two teenagers who are separated by sixteen years, but whose lives are intertwined.

    "This emotional, visceral novel haunted me in the best ways. Jennifer Gilmore has written something of real depth, which will leave readers …More

    Heart of Thorns Heart of Thorns
    By Barton, Bree
    2018-07 - Katherine Tegen Books
    9780062447685 Check Our Catalog


    Inventive and heart-racing, this fierce feminist teen fantasy from debut author Bree Barton explores a dark kingdom in which only women can possess magic--and every woman is suspected of having it.

    Fans of Leigh Bardugo and Laini Taylor won't want to miss this gorgeously written, bold novel, the first in the Heart of Thorns trilogy.

    In the ancient …More

    Grace and Fury Grace and Fury
    By Banghart, Tracy E.
    2018-07 - Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
    9780316471411 Check Our Catalog

    Bold, brutal, and beautiful--a must-read fantasy full of fierce sisterhood, action, and political intrigue for fans of The Selection series, Caraval, and The Handmaid's Tale.

    In a world where women have no rights, sisters Serina and Nomi Tessaro face two very different fates: one in the palace, the other in prison.

    Serina has been groomed


    The Girl You Thought I Was The Girl You Thought I Was
    By Phillips, Rebecca
    2018-07 - HarperCollins
    9780062570949 Check Our Catalog


    "A smart and savvy take on coming of age and coming to terms, with a little help from your friends."--Huntley Fitzpatrick, author of My Life Next Door

    No one looking at Morgan Kemper would think she had a secret--at least not one that she's deeply ashamed of.

    To everyone she meets, she comes across as sweet, pretty, and put together. But Morgan knows that …More

    The Cheerleaders The Cheerleaders
    By Thomas, Kara
    2018-07 - Delacorte Press
    9781524718329 Check Our Catalog

    "Sharp, brilliantly plotted, and totally engrossing."--KAREN M. MCMANUS, New York Times bestselling author of One of Us Is Lying

    "A crafty, dark, and disturbing story."--KATHLEEN GLASGOW, New York Times bestselling author of Girl In Pieces


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